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Plant Hanger - Kadam

Wolf & Badger


Open Terrariums

Artisan Earthy Hand Painted Jug

Eros Torso Medium Recycled Plastic Vase 37cm

Peonia Lustre Pink & Orange Glass Vase

Glass Art Deco Vase - 2 Colours Available

Leggy Stoneware Vessel 18cm X 22cm

New Textured Column Vase

Anita Le Grelle Terres De Rêves Structure Stoneware Vase 29cm

Aura No 1 Stoneware Ceramic Vase 23cm

Bloomingville Ignacia White Planter

Bloomingville Wall Vase - Green

The Hut


Pert Bottom Glass Vase

Bloomingville Face Stoneware Vase - White

The Hut



Mono Rainbow Plant Pot

New Textured Aged Terracotta Vase

Piscean Pitcher Vase

New Abstract Face Vase

Antique Bronze Bottle Vase

Chubby Porcelain Vase 20cm

Amber Glass Vases

Striped Ceramic Planter

New Smoked Glass Bottle Vase

New Blue Glass Bell Vase

Lugo Vase

Hanging Bud Vases

Abstract White Vase

Textured Bottle Vase

Whirlwind Vase

Otley Vase

Handheld Planter

Fergal The Frog Vase



Distressed Fluted Bottle Vase

Temera Vase

Mailee Grey Twist Glass Vase

Grey & Gold Foiled Base Vase

Echasse Vase

Soft Organic-shaped Stoneware Vase

Green Bob Face Vase

New Ribbed Layered Vase



Gold Starman

Liang & Eimil Moxon I Vase

Gallery Direct Hino Lustre Grey Vase

Native Home Large Plant Holder Stand

Ceramic Brick Vases

Plant Hanger - Shuly

Le Canopie Rosio Porcelain And Dolomite Vase

Black Scalloped Embossed Iron Planters

Concrete Wine Bottle Planter

Dachshund Planter

Wooden Base Domes

Brushed Gold Reflective Half Face Planter - 2 Sizes Available

Pot Lady Porcelain

Test Tube Vases On Stands

Medium Jackfruit Vase

New Dotty Blue Textured Vase

Elephant Succulent Planter

Green Stoneware Vase

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